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Ascension Insurance rebrands as Relation Insurance Services

Ascension Insurance, a California-based insurance brokerage that offers risk-management, benefits, and TPA-consulting services through a family of brands and offices in eight states, has changed its name to Relation Insurance Services.

According to a statement, the new name reflects the company’s commitment to helping mid-market companies navigate the complex world of insurance by building strong relationships and leveraging the combined mix of the right people, partnerships, processes, and technologies.

Walnut Creek, Calif.-based Relation Insurance has offices in Warrenton, Va., and Marshall, Va., about 60 miles west of Washington, D.C., along with California, Arizona, Florida, Kansas, Georgia, North Carolina and Utah.

newsThe firm stated that the news comes after another impressive year for Relation, with strong year-over-year revenue and EBITDA growth as the company continues to expand organically and through strategic acquisition. Moreover, Relation is making continued investments to aid its growth for 2018 and the years to come.

“Our clients count on us to provide the solutions and services they need through a wide variety of resources, all of which start with our strong industry relationships,” said Chief Executive Officer, Joe Tatum. “We’re able to deliver legendary service by connecting the dots between data, analytics, industry experience, insurance expertise, and our strategic partnerships. We’re very excited about our new name, as it speaks more clearly to who we are as a company and how we conduct our day-to-day business.”

“In a world of increasing complexity, close client relationships and strategic carrier partnerships are only one part of the insurance experience,” said Ed Page, Relation’s President and COO. “Clients need brokers to stay ahead of the curve, provide intelligent, tailored solutions backed by extensive experience, and apply technology and data to drive efficiency, innovation, and a competitive edge. Coming off another stellar year, our new name speaks to how perfectly suited we are to help companies as they respond to the changing business environment, and the risks that follow.”

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