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Boeing 737 Max bans underscore importance of travel insurance policies

Travelers around the world are experiencing cancellations and delays due to airspace bans for the jets.

Countries around the world, including the United States, European Union’s 32 nations, Canada and others worldwide have implemented Boeing 737 Max bans. These apply both to flight suspensions and movements in and out of airspaces.

Travelers insurance is proving helpful for many travelers experiencing associated delays and cancellations.

Travelers affected by the Boeing 737 Max bans aren’t just those flying in and out of the countries that have suspended the Max 8 and Max 9 jets. Therefore, even if bans are lifted by some nations, it’s important to remember that airlines are also not permitted to fly through the airspace of countries in which the bans remain in place.

Travelers in the United States had initially thought that they might be exempt from the ban, but American officials reversed their previous decision late Wednesday afternoon. Officials are recommending that travelers check their travel documentation to find out what type of aircraft they’ll be flying. Affected travelers should check with their airlines to see if delays or cancellations are expected, said a CBS report.