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Life insurance companies in Illinois owe $7.5 billion to unknowing beneficiaries

Many insurers are keeping the money owed to beneficiaries who have no idea they’re entitled to a payout. Life insurance companies across the country are struggling with the issue of tracking down beneficiaries owed death benefits. While some states have very strict and specific laws about insurer […]

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Bernard Fleischer & Sons Inc. / Announces Wall to Wall Exhibition Coverage

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Tropical Storm Cindy provides this year’s flood insurance reality check to homeowners

Property owners who didn’t heed warnings at the start of the hurricane season are thinking again. From the point that Tropical Storm Cindy received its name, it was already too late for homeowners to buy flood insurance for coverage against any damage it may cause. This was […]

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Allstate employs cloud insurance technology to grow new businesses

The insurer may be in its 80s, but it is keeping up with the latest tech and changes in the industry. Allstate first opened in 1931, but the cloud insurance technology it’s now using shows that it has no interest in aging. The insurer is branching into […]

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North Carolina auto insurance customers will be paying more for coverage

Rates are expected to rise for many drivers in October, though the increase is less than what it might have been. North Carolina auto insurance rates may be on the rise in October, but drivers could have seen a much higher hike if regulators hadn’t stepped in. […]

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Kentucky insurance exchange offers only one option for many health plan shoppers

Residents of several of the state’s counties will have only one coverage option to choose next year. The Kentucky insurance exchange will continue to have health plan options for consumers across the state. That said, residents of some counties will have only one coverage option to buy. […]

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Smart contract insurance partnership launches between AIG and IBM

The insurer and tech giant will use blockchain for managing complex forms of international coverage. American International Group (AIG) and International Business Machines (IBM) are partnering to create a form of smart contract insurance policy. This coverage will employ blockchain for the management of highly complex forms […]

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Kids health insurance penetration is rising considerably with the ACA

The number of uninsured children has seen a striking drop since the Affordable Care Act was implemented. The Anne E. Casey Foundation – a top children’s welfare group – urged federal and state lawmakers to maintain kids health insurance under the ACA. They sought continued investments into […]

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What do you need beyond RV insurance to start the season right?

The warm weather is here and the hottest days are just around the corner, meaning the time is now to get ready! That time of year has come around, when you find yourself reviewing your RV insurance policy before you get the vehicle out of winter storage. […]

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Insurance executive positions lack diversity, but the industry wants change

Sedgwick’s chief people officer pointed out that company leaders are “all white men over 40.” Terri Browne, chief people officer at Sedgwick, a worldwide leading tech-enabled risk and benefits solutions provider said there is a diversity issue among top insurance executive positions. Jobs lower in the hierarchy […]

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