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Star Partner Program Overview

Star Partner ProgramStar Partner Account Manager Incentive Program

  • $25 Gift card for each policy bound under $2000
  • $50 Gift card for each Commercial Policy Bind in excess of $2000
  • $100 Gift card if Premium over $10,000
  • $250 Gift card if Premium exceeds $25,000
  • $500 Gift card if Premium exceeds $50,000 or more
  • Add’l $50 Bonus if policy placed with Hartford or Travelers
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Star Partner Account Manager Award/Gift Card Bind 10 Commercial Policies within 90 Days after Registration

    • Receive Star Partner Appreciation Award Plaque plus
    • $250 Star Partner Gift Card.
    • Accounts Managers Earning Star Partner Status are eligible for all future Benchmark Awards
    • There is no Expiration Date or Limit to Bonus Earned.
    • Star Partners who do not bind 10 Commercial Policies within 90 are Required to Reregister.

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Star Partner Award Winners Receive Continued Benefits.

    • Star Partners earn additional $250 bonus when policy counts reached each benchmark levels at 25, 50, 75 and 100
    • Star Partner Recipients continue to earn a $50 bonus for each new business policy bound.
    • Start Partner Retain their Star Status even if they change Employment

Start Earning Now


Silver Partner

25 New Commercial Policies Silver Star Partner $250 Bonus


Gold Partner

50 New Commercial Policies Gold Star Partner  $250 Bonus


Platinum Partner

75 New Commercial Policies Platinum Star Partner $250 Bonus


Diamond Partner

100 New Commercial Policies Diamond Star Partner $500 Bonus


Double Diamond Partner

200 New Commercial Policies Double Diamond Star Partner $1000 Bonus plus 4 day 3 night appreciation trip for two


  • Agency Client Commercial Policies Renewing place with another wholesale MGU
  • All Commercial Prospects

Next Steps

Send Acord Application for Any/All Commercial Policies that are Renewing next 90 days placed with a Wholesale Brokers. Sign Up Here